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Atelier & Office
Lilienstr. 42
81669 Munich

About Me

I am Tak-Lam, the founder of OISAM.

As of now I run OISAM by myself - I design, pattern-cut and produce each garment, and I do everything else that needs to be done to build a fashion brand.  

Growing up in an Asian family in Germany I often felt out of place. I lived in between two cultures and didn't know which one I belonged to. 

In order to fit in with society, fashion was a tool for me - to express myself and to be seen but also to protect me.

We didn’t have much but we were always dressed well. To this day I still believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look and feel good. 

Drawing and designing were also a creative outlet which only took a piece of paper and some pencils. This experience is reflected in my approach to design:
limited resources boost creativity. 
After graduating with a degree in fashion design and gaining experience working for high fashion brands and other companies I found myself ready to start my own business. It is the beginning of a journey towards a transparent, eco-friendly and fair fashion brand.