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Atelier & Office
Lilienstr. 42
81669 Munich


OISAM is a cantonese word that describes my work ethos best, and still, is so hard to translate into English. It consists of the two cantonese characters meaning love and 心 meaning heart and to me it describes the attitude of putting all your heart and soul into the thing that you are most passionate about.

Fashion is my passion and I am constantly challenging myself to get the best result from a design. Seeing my ideas come to life and the creative process itself fill me with pure joy.

When designing my garments, I don’t have one muse, but many muses who are women in my life with a strong and individual energy.

From my point of view, women shouldn't be defined, but should be able to express themselves freely. To me, being a woman means playing with different styles that best highlight my eclectic personality. 

My wish is to build a brand that aligns with this perspective, so I mix different style elements and design languages in my collections and find inspiration from my many muses. 

Inclusivity is very important to me and I hope that women of all backgrounds, sizes, shapes and colors will be able to identify with the philosophy of OISAM.