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Atelier & Office
Lilienstr. 42
81669 Munich


During my career as a fashion designer I was able to work for luxury and high fashion brands and even attend Paris Fashion Week, making one of my dreams come true. 

The disillusioning reality was that I wasn’t able to afford any pieces of the collections I worked on. I was often left with the seemingly reasonable option to buy fast fashion. 

But we all know the truth about fast fashion and its costs. I accepted it because as a young woman I want to enjoy fashion in all its facets and it is a very important tool to express myself. 

The words fashion and sustainability don’t go hand in hand. That is a fact that I no longer want to accept.

By founding OISAM, I want to prove that it is possible to create garments that empower women while treating the environment and humans with respect and fairness. 


My approach to design is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and especially the concept of Yin and Yang which plays an important role in Asian culture. Yin and Yang is about balancing dualities and bringing them into harmony. 

Based on this concept, I strive to create garments that are:

  • timeless and classic, but not dull 
  • special and unique, but wearable 
  • contemporary and modern, but not trendy 

By adhering to these principles I can create garments that don’t just last a season. They become favorites and are enjoyed as part of your wardrobe for a long time. Wearing OISAM means being part of the sustainable movement and being en vogue at the same time.


In the pursuit of a low ecological impact, I carefully select the fabrics that I use for my collections and work with suppliers who carry a range eco-certified materials. Certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) ensure that environmental and social standards are complied with. 

The GOTS certification defines high environmental and social requirements along the entire textile production chain. Quality assurance takes place through independent monitoring of the entire textile supply chain. 

Another project I’m working on is the use of deadstock fabrics, surplus materials from the excess production of large fashion companies. I didn't plan on using deadstock fabric, but I  was given some rolls of deadstock fabric by chance and have included them in my current collection.

The first steps towards a conscious use of fabrics have been taken and I will continue to make OISAM even more sustainable in the future. 


Every season fashion companies face the question of how many pieces should be produced. As this question is very difficult to answer, it often leads to overproduction and surplus of clothing, which is mostly burned or deposited in landfills, polluting the environment. 

By offering made-to-order service OISAM is stepping away from the excess of fast fashion. Every single item is made by me in my small design studio in Munich. To minimize waste and to focus on craftsmanship I only start sewing each item after the order is placed. The designs are only available in small and limited quantities, as each piece is handmade by me and the sewing takes about 4-8 hours. 

It will take me about 10-20 days to dispatch after your order is received. In contrast to fast fashion, where quantity is everything, I make sure that the customer gets an item that is made with love and care.